What You Need to Know

A lot of time and effort has been put into planning this unforgettable event created by PotterSoc NUIG. The auditor of the society, Kevin McLoughlin, who is the main organiser of Potterfest, has put his entire free time, besides studying into the event to make sure everyone has the best experience. Potterfest Galway 2020 is a unique opportunity to take a break from your daily routine and experience something new. Please read all the details on this site carefully to make sure you make the most out of your time here, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments. 

The Executive Committee 


The ambitious mind behind Potterfest's return, Kevin has been a lifelong fan of Harry Potter who spent last year bringing the Harry Potter Society from relative inactivity compared to it's previous years, all the way to the BICS awards where they came third in the category Most Improved Society. Continuing on this trend of absolute madness he has decided to attempt the same with our lovely Potterfest.

Con Director

Kevin McLoughlin


Pottersoc's own charismatic and talented PRO has stepped up to the plate to be the PRO for Potterfest as well, getting people in the door and making sure people know about everything going on throughout the weekend is her job and boy is she more than capable. Mololuwa's previous con experience includes being on committee for Akumacon, experience which she has brought to Potterfest with much success. (Akumacon is another convention hosted in NUIG, if you happen to be into anime and the like check it out next year)

Public Relations Officer

Mololuwa Awogboro


Marc Magee-Collins is our resident business student who saw the opportunity to oversee the trading at Potterfest and immediately rescued it from Kevin's untrained hands so as to give it some semblance of order, If you ever need to know something about trading at potterfest Marc is your man.

Trade Hall Manager

Marc Magee-Collins


Our very own Connemara Stallion here to make sure we all stay on track and keep consistent and proper records of all our decisions to keep us from falling into the abyss of mismanagement. Enda came to us early on with the organisational skills to make sure this convention actually happened.


Enda Heverin


Last but most certainly not least is our Staff Director Conor Mac Dermott who many of you will see throughout the convention, Conor shall be spending most of his time running back and forth with his radio making sure nothing falls apart or catches on fire for the duration of the convention and as such we thank him for his service.

Staff Director

Conor Mac Dermott


Ronan came to Potterfest with a distinguished tenure as previous con director for Itzacon, another convention held every year in NUIG (If you haven't heard of it and you like cardgaming, boardgaming or tabletop games then give it a look the weekend after potterfest). With a fantastic work ethic and experience of how to run a convention Ronan offered a hand to help get the ball rolling.

Vice Con Director

Ronan Gallagher


The lovely and intelligent Silvia Gigante acts as a wonderful foil to the whims and wishes of the committee, when the rest of us are convinced spending half the budget of a to scale set piece of the entire Hogwarts' Express before we had even figured out how much we would charge for a tickets she would bring us back to reality and maybe even find some space in the budget for a little magic.


Silvia Gigante


This fantastic and lovely fan of Harry Potter stepped forward with her years of experience in working catered event in order to try her hand at organising the event, and what a fantastic job she has done, thanks to Hayley our convention this year will be opening with a bang and a ball.

Yule-Ball Coordinator

Hayley Russell


Julia is our lovely Special Events Manager, a job most suited to her, Julia's job is to plan and run all of the special events running within the convention, whether its the quiz or its the arts and crafts Julia runs a tight ship making sure that we have everything we need for the running of the convention.

Special Events Manager

Julia Castello


Anne is our lovely Artist and Designer helping us all the way from her home in Germany. Anne has made every poster or piece of art associated with the con including designing not only this website but also our logo.

Convention Artist and Designer

Anne Rieger

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