Part of the profits made with the tickets will go to charity. Our Chosen Charity this year is Teach Solais.

What is Teach Solais?

Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre is at No.1 Victoria Place, just off Eyre Sq. This City Centre location is a hub of activity, hosting a wide variety of events open to the public. It is also a focal point for delivery of education, training and health programs, in addition, to support for individuals identifying as LGBT+ and for those who are 'coming out’. Teach Solais is a center for the community run by the community.

Why are we supporting them this year?

Teach Solais and the services provided by it have made a massive impact on the LGBT+ community in Galway, affecting so many people in such positive ways, but as of late much like many other community centers in Ireland, funding has become a significant issue so we want to do our part to make sure that this wonderful resource is not lost by the community it serves by donating a portion of our profits to ensure Teach Solais can keep the lights on and the door open.

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